Breathe in safety, breathe out security with Safekind N95 Protective Face Mask.

  • Carefully designed to ensure your safety while considering your comfort too.
  • The Safekind face mask has a ProGuard 5 layer protection technology that filters out at least 95% of harmful bacteria.
  • Its nose clip ensures a fit that does not fog your glasses, and has a soft elastic ear loop that ensures your safety, without compromising on your comfort.
  • Get your hands on the Ultraviolet germicidal light sanitized, Safekind N95 face mask.
Safekind N95 Face Masks
How to Wear and Use Face Masks
N95 Masks Advantage
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Protective Face Mask
How to Wear and Use Face Masks
N95 Masks Advantages
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Protective Face Mask


How is the quality of the earloop of the Safekind N95 Face mask?

The ear loop straps of Safekind N95 face mask are soft, strechable and can be adjusted to meet the most head sizes, while assuring that it won't hurt your ears or nose during extended hours of wearing.

Is Safekind N95 Face mask a 5-layer mask?

Yes, its made by first of its kind ProGuard 5-layer protection technology.

Will Safekind N95 Face Mask fog my eyewear?

If worn properly with instructions, Safekind N95 face mask ensures the edges stay intact to your skin and you won’t experience any eyewear fog since there’s no way for air to pass from any gaps.

Is the mask easy to use?

Safekind N95 Face Masks are skin-friendly masks that are hermetically sealed, latex-free and come with soft elastic ear loops. They are foldable with an adjustable nose clip to provide a leak-proof fit. They’re a universal comfortable snug fit for all face contours, maintaining high breathing comfort.

What are the best ways to stay protected during COVID-19 ?

Frequently wash your hands with soap and water OR use a moisturized hand sanitiser after touching anything outside your house. When you come back inside your house, or touch any item that may possibly be in contact with the virus, clean again. Always wear a mask, preferably a N95 face mask without air valve that provides at least 95% protection against all deadly bacteria and virus, while you are stepping outside the house or be it anything.


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