15 June, 2022

Face Mask Facts for Kids Every Parent Should Know

Face Mask Facts for Kids Every Parent Should Know

Face masks have become essential all over the world due to the surge of viral infections. They are considered as a powerful tool by healthcare professionals to keep these diseases at bay.

However, there has been a circulation of certain myths amongst the Indian and global communities about kids wearing face masks. . Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every parent to debunk such myths and teach their children why face masks are an ideal choice for stopping the spread of viral infections.

This is where Safekind face masks come in. As one of the best face mask manufacturers in India, our Safekind N95 Protective Face Mask is the perfect solution to provide optimum safety as well as comfort to your children against infections.

Let’s first understand how a viral infection spreads and how we can quash these face mask myths with accurate facts.

How viral illness spreads?

A viral illness or infection usually spreads from individual to individual via respiratory droplets produced when a sick person talks, sneezes, and coughs. These contaminated droplets can get transferred to other person’s body through inhaling, being in close contact with the infected person, and other aspects of transmission.

To put an end to this, social distancing and personal hygiene have to be established. By adopting measures such as using a hand sanitizer, toilet seat sanitizer, and an N95 face mask, the channeling of the microbes can be contained.

Face Masks for Children Facts

Here is a list of face mask myths that have been passed on to people. Explore the facts about “why it is essential for children to wear face masks”.

1. Prevent the spread of viral illnesses with face masks

Face masks are vital in lowering the risk of viral infections as they can prevent the transmission of respiratory droplets that are contaminated with microbes. There are many kinds of effective masks available in the market, but N95 masks are the best masks for providing protection against viral infections. Therefore, you can try the N95 mask for you and your child for more safety. Be sure to check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on how to wear a face mask and use it effectively for your kids’ health.

2. Kids’ health is not harmed by wearing a mask

There has been a misconception about masks, that carbon dioxide can build up in them and make children sick or weaken their immune system by putting their bodies under stress.

Do masks trap the carbon dioxide we usually exhale?

A good face mask is known to be protective and breathable. Since the carbon dioxide molecules one exhales are so minuscule, proper breathing can be accomplished by wearing a mask. Consequently, a face mask does not trap the carbon dioxide molecules exhaled.

Can masks lead to a weaker immune system by putting the body under stress?

No, face masks cannot weaken the immune system by putting the body under stress as it helps in preventing the spread of viral infection.

You can try the Safekind N95 mask for your children. Since it has a nose clip built-in, it ensures that your child’s mask is convenient for them to wear. Furthermore, it provides them with better protection and breathing.

By knowing the aforementioned measures, we can conclude that face masks are convenient and effective for kids and others to wear as they ensure their overall security.

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