14 January, 2022

How To Prevent Viral Infections In The Elderly?

How To Prevent Viral Infections In The Elderly?

Viral infections have recently received the greatest attention of the world due to the increased communicability or easy spread of harmful diseases. Furthermore, they remain a significant problem for the ageing population, especially respiratory viruses that have been implicated to be the potential causes of serious illness in elderly individuals. Hence, it becomes imperative for old people to take necessary precautions like mask-wearing, handwashing, social distancing etc., to protect themselves from respiratory health problems.

Centers for Disease Control and prevention have also issued guidelines for maintaining proper health and hygiene during tough times, as viruses flood the environment. This article will explore these guidelines and precautionary measures in detail to get better insights on how to prevent viral diseases in older adults.

3 Ways to protect the elderly from harmful infections

  • Staying home and away from others
  • It is important to understand that viruses transmit from one person to another in close proximity. And, to avoid getting infected, one has to maintain a safe distance from others and wear a mask at all times especially while talking, walking, traveling, sitting, etc. This way there will be fewer chances of catching the infection. Also, it is advisable to stay home unless there is some urgent work to be done. Home will be the best place to keep old people safe from outdoor infect and viruses. So, try to stay at home as much as possible and practice social distancing to reduce the spread of harmful viruses.

  • Wash or sanitize the hands at regular intervals
  • The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention emphasises handwashing with soap and water or a hand sanitizer to be effective in curbing contamination, as hands are the primary source of contact to surfaces and people. And, microbes can be present anywhere. Hence, hand washing becomes crucial in preventing the transmission of such viruses into the body. Take at least 20 seconds with soapy water to kill all the germs present on the hands. If using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, try to consider the one with minimum 60% of alcohol content to effectively combat microbes and be safe from infections.

  • Clean, clean, clean
  • For maintaining proper hygiene, cleaning and washing are essential things to consider. A clean surrounding is less likely to be contaminated. Put all disinfecting wipes, toilet seat sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies to use for cleansing every room efficiently. Some high contact places which need utmost attention and cleaning are-

  • Doorknobs
  • Handles
  • Taps
  • Light switches
  • Countertops
  • Faucets and toilets.
  • Along with them, mobiles and computer keys are some daily usable things to be sanitized to prevent them from becoming the habitat of microorganisms.

    A great way to handle illnesses is to avoid getting in contact with the viruses in the first place. While no strategy is foolproof, still the aforementioned ways can help curb the spread of diseases. They are the best bet for fighting germs and living a healthy life. Safekind understands that health safety comes first, that’s why it offers the most effective and reliable products such as hand sanitizer, masks and toilet seat sanitizer to help keep viral infections at bay.

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