27 August, 2020

How to choose the right sanitizer?

How to choose the right sanitizer?

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest health concerns the world has experienced in many decades. It is caused by a novel strain of coronavirus that typically transmits among people via the droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Till date, it has infected more than 2 crore people and resulted in over 7.6 lakh deaths around the world. (As per WHO; 17th August 2020)

Unfortunately, the virus is still incurable as scientists are yet to develop a completely safe vaccine or medication to treat the disease. Thus, global healthcare bodies like World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are encouraging people to acknowledge preventive measures and social distancing norms in order to stay protected from the deadly disease.

One of the safety guidelines furnished by the World Health Organisation firmly emphasizes on the role hand sanitizers in curbing virus transmission. It asserts that cleaning hands regularly with alcohol-based sanitizers is an important protective measure against COVID-19. However, it is important to decide on the right sanitizers that are safe for use.

Here are some important things you should consider when selecting the right liquid hand sanitizer:

1. Check the ingredients

First and foremost, you should check the ingredients used in making the sanitizer. In case it includes any ingredient that you’re allergic to, avoid buying that product. For instance, many alcohol-based sanitizers can make your hands dry. In case you’re prone to dry skin condition, you should opt for sanitizers that have a moisturizing effect on your skin.

2. Percentage of alcohol

A good and an effective hand sanitizer should consist of 60-95% alcohol (by volume), usually isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or propanol. Though they are considered safe for use, they should be used and stored carefully. For instance, alcohol-based sanitizers are flammable, and hence, should not be used while handling fire or cooking.

3. Buy from best brands

Amidst the coronavirus spread, the demand for sanitizers has increased considerably in recent times. This has encouraged black marketers and ill-business practitioners to supply cheap quality and unsafe sanitizers in the market. Thus, it is important to buy products manufactured by the best sanitizer brands in India. You can decide on our SAFEKIND instant hand sanitizer, which is a Made in India product that kills 99.9% of common germs and viruses. It also boasts the goodness of Aloe Vera and glycerine that will keep your skin moisturized.

When you’re at home, its better to simply wash your hands properly with soap and water. However, using a good quality alcohol-based hand sanitizer becomes extremely important whenever you’re outside. So always carry your own personal hand sanitizer in your pocket, especially while traveling or going to public places.

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