15 February, 2022

Tips To Protect Yourself From Poor AQI While Travelling

Tips To Protect Yourself From Poor AQI While Travelling

Poor air quality is getting troublesome for travellers headed for beautiful and adventurous vacations. Today, several states in India are enveloped by smog that is reluctant to settle down. Undoubtedly, the toxic air is causing cough, throat infection, shortness of breath and other viral infections. The government has also issued guidelines and necessary precautions to be followed while out on a trip. Along with handwashing with soap and water, using a hand sanitizer, and wearing cloth masks to curb infections, certain other things are to be considered for fighting this new enemy.

To help you understand the same, read on to discover some essential tips to keep in mind before hitting the road.

  • Check the air quality before you go
  • The first and foremost step is to look for the Air Quality Index (AQI) and then make plans accordingly. Especially before stepping out of your house, check the air pollution of your location on air monitoring websites. It will provide you with the current status of air quality records far and wide. You can easily figure out how dirty or toxic the air is for your lungs and respiratory system.

    Furthermore, it will help you to clarify the conceivable well-being implications of the level represented according to your city and reaching the destination safely.

  • Use N95/N99 face masks while travelling
  • A proper well fitted and durable N95 mask can be your friend over a regular cloth mask to effectively protect you against harmful microbes and air pollution. It is designed with advanced technology for superior particle or other pollutant filtration to avoid health problems while travelling outdoors.

    Make sure to buy it from a reputed store with branded and high-quality masks like Safekind’s N95 protective face masks. It comes with ProGuard 5 layer protection technology to filter about 95% of harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • Know when it is better to stay indoors
  • Planning outdoor activities like vacations, short trips, and get-togethers can be injurious to your health when practiced on days when there is poor AQI. Many healthcare agencies have recommended not to go out when the air quality is low. It will only cause you trouble. You can try several indoor activities or games until the air quality index shows improvement.

    Be wise and not get disappointed for postponing your trip. Rather be aware & conscious to maintain your health and well-being.

    Apart from the above-mentioned points, consider cleaning your clothes frequently as germs may settle on them. Many people clean their vehicles to breathe fresh air inside their automobiles. You can practice this preventive measure too. Moreover, almost every hotel, cafe, lounges have installed air purifiers and offer safety masks in their spaces to serve the best to their customers. Furthermore, this decision reflects the significance of cleanliness, following health protocols and wearing masks during these crucial times.

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