18 November, 2021

3 Points to consider while using hand sanitizers

3 Points to consider while using hand sanitizers

The pandemic has brought about various lifestyle changes, but the one thing that we need to stick to is maintaining good hand hygiene. From school to home we have heard it everywhere, the importance of washing hands and staying clean. But sometimes, we forget to follow these basic hygiene habits and fall sick.

However, the outbreak of this deadly virus made it necessary to practice healthy habits. It has made us realize the importance of cleaning our hands continuously to avoid infections. Although soap and water are preferred, sanitizer has become an important product in helping us stay safe from infections. With its ability to kill 99% of germs, sanitizer has become necessary to use.

Hand sanitizers are easy to use, can be carried anywhere, and are helpful in situations where soap and water are not available. The benefits are numerous, but there are certain points to keep in mind while purchasing and using them.

Things to remember while using a hand sanitizer

1. Composition concentration

With the increase in the number of infectious diseases, hand sanitizer has become a necessity. There are various different kinds available in the market. However, alcohol-based sanitizers are said to be the best among the rest. They are efficient in killing germs and microbes present in our hands. According to medical experts, sanitizers should contain alcohol concentration in the range of 60-95%.

2. Application

Ideally, 2-3 drops of sanitizer are enough at once. To evenly spread the sanitizer between the fingers and on the back of your hands, rub your hands gently. Just like washing hands, take about 20 seconds to complete the step. Once you are done, don't wipe your hands or get them wet immediately. Let the hands absorb the gel.

3. Expiration

The expiration date is used to determine when the product becomes ineffective. Sanitizers have an expiry date because they contain alcohol which makes them evaporative when exposed to air. This is why, with time, they slowly become less effective, although even after expiry, they do not cause harm but aren't fruitful to use. They usually come with a shelf life of two years when stored properly.

Things to avoid while applying a hand sanitizer -

  • Do not rub sanitizer on your hands immediately before consuming food. As it contains chemicals, they can also go in with the food.
  • After applying sanitizer, avoid going near the fire because of the alcohol concentration present in the sanitizer. Since alcohol is flammable, it can cause severe burns.
  • It is recommended to use hand sanitizers on palms and fingers to maintain good hygiene.
  • Conclusion

    With a variety of options now available in the market, choosing the right product can be difficult. While purchasing sanitizer, opt for anti-virus and anti-bacterial properties to maximize effectiveness. To ensure that the sanitizer is safe and effective, only buy from trustworthy brands in the market, such as Safekind. It is better to invest in good sanitary products like masks and toiletries rather than getting sick and compromising your health.

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