7 December, 2021

Hand sanitization: Importance in reducing risk of cold among employees in winters

Hand sanitization: Importance in reducing risk of cold among employees in winters

Winters are a reminder of hot beverages, warm blankets, and the holiday season. But, as the temperature drops with the onset of the winter season, the flu and infection rates also increase. Due to the changing weather, our immune system has to fight harder against the viruses present in the environment. The only way to fight against germs is by maintaining cleanliness. With the current scenario of an ongoing pandemic, maintaining good hygiene, wearing masks, and washing hands regularly have become more important.

After the disastrous months of the pandemic peak, some people have become scared to step outside because of the fear of falling sick. However, the government has tried to incorporate preventive measures and guidelines in opening up public places. As people return to working from the office, during the winter season, it will be necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid falling ill. There are some basic precautions employees can take while working in offices to stay safe and healthy, that are: -

Precautions to be taken in the office

  • Maintaining social distance while talking and communicating with people.
  • Wearing a mask at all times, in the office and outside.
  • Cleaning hands regularly with antiseptic soap.
  • Carrying a hand sanitizer and using it when water and soap aren't available.
  • As people return to old ways of living, there is an increase in the spread of viral infections during this season. Have you ever wondered why this happens? According to experts, respiratory infections rise in winter due to the following reasons.

  • One, during winters we spend a greater amount of time in enclosed spaces with limited or low ventilation. This increases the spread of viruses that hampers our health.
  • The second reason has to do with humid weather conditions. During winters, there is low humidity in the air. Now, because of low moisture around, it prolongs the lifespan of the virus. Thus, when we breathe in air, microbes found in our environment enter our bodies.
  • We all know and understand the importance of maintaining hygiene and cleaning hands regularly. Yet, at times we take it casually. But, during the current scenario of infections and flu in the winter season, it is important to remind employees about the importance of washing hands. Here are a few reasons why workers should regularly wash their hands in the office.

    Why do we need to remind employees to wash their hands?

  • The viruses fall on the surfaces and stay alive for 2-3 hours. When we come in contact with the infected surface the virus can get transmitted to us.
  • In the office complex, doors, doorknobs, desks, and tables are the most touched objects. It is advisable to wash your hands with soap and water after touching them.
  • The most infected area in an office is our electronic devices. They carry maximum germs and we spend the most time working on them. Always clean your hands before touching your eyes or face after using gadgets such as laptops, phones, switches, etc. Additionally, it is crucial to clean these devices regularly to avoid the further spread of germs.
  • When we touch infected objects with our hands, viruses get transmitted to our fingers. While eating, germs can enter our bodies if we don't wash our hands regularly.
  • Conclusion

    Sanitizing at regular intervals is the only way to prevent the spread of diseases. Ensure good hygiene practices at work by following the mentioned precautions. It is crucial to stay safe and clean to prevent infections. Employees should always carry a hand sanitizer with them for regular use. For increased effectiveness and better safety, one should prefer a good quality hand sanitizer from reputed brands like Safekind

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