15 October, 2020

What is better, Soap and Water or Sanitizers?

What is better, Soap and Water or Sanitizers?

Washing hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or disinfecting them with an alcohol-based sanitizer is one of the most important safety measures that can safeguard you against COVID-19. For instance, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds can prevent the spread of the virus that leads toCOVID-19. Health officials assert that the virus can remain viable for hours on surfaces that are touched frequently by the people. From there, the virus can easily get onto your hand and eventually in your body via nose, mouth or eyes, if you touch these areas with your hands. Fortunately, the virus along with other microbes on your hands can be eliminated easily with soap and water or with effective sanitizers.

Experts explain that the genetic material of viruses is encased in a layer of fat known as lipid envelop. The molecules present in soap have an oil-loving tail which tends to have an affinity for and competes with lipids in the envelop. Water and soap together dissolve the viral bond and break down the interaction between the virus and the skin surface. On the other hand, hand sanitizers contain alcohol such as ethanol or isopropyl alcohol that dissolve the lipid envelop to inactivate the virus.

What provides better protection against COVID-19?

Alcohol-based sanitizers and soap and water, both are highly capable of disinfecting your hands and preventing the spread of the virus. However, in case of COVID-19, medical professionals and other global healthcare bodies recommend people to use sanitizers that boast at least 60% alcohol content.

Unlike sanitizers, soap and water create lather that helps in removing grease or dirt from the hands. However, it is not possible to get access to soap and water everywhere. In such cases, alcohol-based sanitizers can save the day.They are quick, effective, easy to use, and highly portable. Thus, it is always better to carry your own sanitizer at all times, especially when going out.

How to use sanitizers? What is the best hand sanitizer?

Sanitizers are OTC products that contain chemicals. They are flammable, and thus, should be kept away from children, heat and fire. As per CDC, people should use enough sanitizer to clean all the surfaces on their hands thoroughly. Sanitizers are safe for children but always make sure that they use them under adult supervision. Moreover, you should only use skin-friendly sanitizers. For instance, Safekind hand sanitizers not only contain 70% alcohol content but also boast the goodness of aloe vera and glycerine to keep your hands soft and clean.

Bottom line

Both soap and water and alcohol-based sanitizers are highly effective in eliminating viruses from your hands. While you can trust the best quality sanitizers when outdoors, you should wash your hands with soap and water at home or whenever possible.

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