28 April, 2021

Wash your hands immediately after touching these everyday items

Wash your hands immediately after touching these everyday items

Washing hands plays an important role in promoting good hygiene. But maintaining good hygiene is not that easy, as people at times may not feel it is necessary to wash their hands every time after touching daily items. Some people may think that washing one's hands are only required when their hands are visibly dirty.

It is observed that they sometimes tend to ignore the fact that their hands can transfer too many invisible and harmful microbes into their body while carrying out various day-to-day activities. Thus, we should frequently wash our hands with soap and fresh water or use a hand sanitizer to prevent ourselves from becoming the host to these microorganisms and getting sick.

To help you figure out which item attracts more microorganisms, here is the list of some of the most common everyday items which are highly susceptible to breeding and communicating microbes into our system.


Banking notes, coins are the most common sources of bacterial contamination as they have been used by several people before. So, just to be safe, avoid using currency notes and switch to cashless modes of payment. This will certainly help you to be safe from getting contaminated by exchanging money.

Public transport surfaces

Handlers, doorknobs, poles, etc, are some widely used surfaces in public transports. Various people use it every day and we can never be sure whether those people were contaminated or not. As a precautionary measure, wash your hands with clean water and soap or use a liquid hand sanitizer, before and after using public transport to keep these microbes at bay.

Restaurant menus

When it comes to restaurants, they may seem very clean but the reality might be a little different. The menus are another item that a lot of people do not consider for being potentially loaded with dangerous bacteria which can make you sick. Hence, it is advisable to carry a hand sanitizer, you can apply it before and after touching the menu.


Apart from the above-mentioned everyday items, there are a few more that can also transmit those invisible creatures to your hands and further to your body such as soap dispensers, touchscreens, and other people's pens, public spaces, etc. Try to wash your hands after using any of these items as well. In case you are unable to get water and soap at that moment then you can always count on the hand sanitizers by Safekind as they come with the best and the most effective antibacterial formula to fight and eliminate these stubborn microorganisms.

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