18 August, 2021

Dos and don'ts of wearing a mask

Dos and don'ts of wearing a mask

In the wake of covid-19, masks have become an integral part of our lives. Wearing a mask is highly recommended to prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching others or vice versa. Respiratory droplets can easily get into the air by talking, coughing, sneezing, etc. A mask acts as a barrier that stops the transmission of infectious respiratory particles from one person to another by terminating them to mix up with the air molecules.

Scientists have also asserted that putting on a mask or respirator will certainly protect your health and limit the spread of novel coronavirus. However, people nowadays unknowingly wear the mask improperly with an exposed nose or mouth. At times people tend to forget that they can be the carriers of hazardous viruses and bacterias despite not feeling ill. These people can easily transmit diseases to others who come in contact with them.

So, for a mask to work effectively it has to be worn correctly. Mentioned below are some important dos and don'ts of wearing a face mask.


  • Do wash your hands before and after touching your respirator. In case, you are unable to wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer to avoid transmission.
  • Ensure that the mask fits perfectly to your face and covers your nose and mouth without any gap.
  • Opt for a mask that allows you to breathe freely.
  • Wear a mask when out in public and try to maintain a 6 feet distance. This will help you to stay safe from getting infections.
  • Wear a mask even if you don't feel any symptoms to protect others. As Covid-19 is spread by people who don't even know that they are contaminated.
  • Wash your cloth facemask after every use.
  • Dispose of the respirators which are designed for one-time affairs.
  • Don'ts

  • Don't let any kid who is younger than 2 years wear a mask. Also, avoid putting on a mask when you are having breathing issues.
  • Remember respirators should not be placed on unconscious people.
  • Never put a mask around the neck or over the forehead.
  • Avoid touching the mouth and nose covering the area of the mask. Take it off by touching the straps only.
  • Don't use a mask where you are likely to sweat and your respirator may become wet.
  • Avoid contact with the people who are already sick
  • Conclusion

    By wearing a mask, you are making an effort to protect yourself and others in your proximity from dangerous communicable diseases. Also, putting on a mask symbolizes that you care!

    In addition, you can consider opting for the Safekind N95 facemask, it will aid you in the fight against these invisible and infectious microbes. Their ultra-fine material and germs resistance power will help you to live healthier and stronger.

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