15 January, 2021

5 Important safety tips to consider when travelling outstation

5 Important safety tips to consider when travelling outstation

The Coronavirus outbreak left us all feeling boxed up at our homes for months. However, with travel restrictions being eased and the hospitality industry opening up for tourists in the new normal, you can resume with your travel plans that you postponed last year. But don't forget that the risk of contracting the virus is not yet gone. So in case you are planning to travel again, adhere to all safety precautions and try to be as cautious and mindful as possible.

Here are some important safety tips you should consider when travelling outstation:

1) Create a list of travel essentials

We all now need a new list of essentials while traveling. Before heading out, make a list of things you need. Be it your passport, ticket, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and a Safekind mask, make sure you tick off everything.

2) Research about the destination

This is even more important in case you haven’t been to the place before. Do some research on the destination, any Covid restrictions that you need to know about, temperature, hotels, places to visit, historical significance, etc.

3) Pack smartly

Dust and pollution are quite common in India, so if you are planning to take a road trip then pack accordingly. Carry sufficient scarves, cover-ups, and clothes. Try to carry washable sandals and slippers because COVID-19 thrives on surfaces, so cleaning your belongings is the only cure.

4) Be mindful of what you drink and eat

Even though consuming food from restaurants or cafes might not be a great idea. You need to eat and drink from restaurants and cafes when you are out for longer durations. Make sure to opt for bottled water and for packaged/sealed food, check if the restaurant is following all the safety protocols, and serving fresh food.

5) Wipe down your surroundings

While taking your seat anywhere, be it a restaurant or your flight, do a quick scrub down of the hard-surfaced with your disinfectant wipes. The tray, the armrests, back and front of the seat, everything. Give the surface some time to dry out and try not to use your wipes on soft surfaces like upholstery as that would leave an uncomfortable wet seat and spread the germs out even further.

In addition to that, remember that coronavirus cannot directly infect you from such surfaces, only if you touch them and then touch your face it can (the entry points so far are through your nose, mouth, and eyes).

Closing notes

These are difficult times for all the travel-hungry souls. But it's all about taking safety precautions so that it's not a point of concern after a given time. Enjoy your trip to the fullest and try to follow the aforementioned points. In case you are feeling unwell, try to stay at home.

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